📺What is RIGGED AI?

The stock market is RIGGED by Wall Street. Copytrade them and win when they win.

RIGGED is a completely new way to trade options.

Instead of drawing lines on charts, gap filling and listening to furus, we built a system that's modeled after advanced blackjack strategy.

Basic blackjack has a few golden rules:

  • always stand on 17

  • double down against a 6

  • never split tens

These rules are effective because those scenarios the player has an advantage against the house.

Advanced players can further increase their edge by counting cards.

This is when the player keeps a running score of each card dealt and then increases her bet size when there are more high cards (A, K, Q, J, 10s, 9s) than low cards remaining in the deck.

Card counting roughly increases the player's edge by ~1%.

Depending on the rules of the game, this can drop the house odds from 0.60 to 0.45, thus making it much more winnable for the player.

Winning at blackjack requires strategy and edge.

Options trading is exactly the same.

First traders need a strategy or system to follow:

  • when to hit / take the trade

  • surrender / exit for a loss

  • double down / increase position

This is a great place to start from, but most traders have a system and most traders lose. It's not enough.

If we want to increase our chances to win more trades then we need a way to consistently generate edge.

Who has edge in markets?

Wall Street.

Wall Street is just like the casino. They have infinitely more resources, experience, intelligence and often better (possibly even inside) information.

The markets are rigged against retail traders just like the table games at Cesar's Palace.

We can't beat Wall Street but we can copytrade them.

When Wall Street wins, we win.

Instead of being the player against the house, we are the house.

SPY Dec 20, 2023 example:

It starts like any other ordinary trading session with price rising slowly before hitting an intraday high of $475.89 at 12:57 EST.

There is no type of analysis out there that could have prepared you or predicted what would happen next.

From 12:57 until the close of the session $SPY nukes -1.70%.

It's an 8-strike move in 3-hours.

This happened without news or any major catalyst.

Everyone was shocked except for Wall Street.

Wall Street knew what would happen.

Here's how we know:

12:57 - the price of SPY hits $475.89, the intraday high 12:58 - RIGGED sends a 297 BEAR BOMB alert notifying users of unusual bearish flow

The alert at 12:58 means these trades happened at 12:57.

12:57 is the exact high of the day.

Luck or Edge?

If you think it was random luck that Wall Street was able to perfectly time the top before one of the biggest sell-offs in 2023, then please stop reading now.

Like it or not the stock market is RIGGED.

Wall Street had some sort of edge telling them to buy puts and sell calls (bearish flow) in massive size at 12:57.

From 12:57:00 to 12:57:59 here are the trades detected:

There is no way the human brain can process this information and real time and then use it to make actionable trading decisions.

In sixty seconds we see over $250,000 in bearish premium. Price is at the high of the day. Three hours remain in the session.

Wall Street knew.

Wall Street had edge.

Now their edge can be yours with RIGGED.

System Summary:

RIGGED uses AI and machine learning algorithms to monitor and analyze Wall Street's option flow.

Alerts are sent when unusual bullish and bearish trades are detected.

Every RIGGED option alert comes with a strategy guide, trade session, profit target, and trade size.

Traders using RIGGED can copy Wall Street's biggest trades and win when they win.

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